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Launch Flight VI Winter 2014

Applications now closed!

Launch Your Start-Up Today!

Launch is a hands-on business-building program for anyone wanting to start a new business. Our team of entrepreneurial thought leaders will take you from idea to operating company in sixteen weeks. Sign up today to launch your entrepreneurial journey.

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Week 1 - Launch Kick-Off

Start up your engines. Participating entrepreneurs will receive an orientation to the Launch program and meet with the Thought Leaders who will be coaching participants through their entrepreneurial journey.


Week 2 - Engaging Your Passion

When you focus your energy on living and following your passion you align with your strengths and, in the process, support creating what you genuinely desire in life.


Week 3 - Build Your Team

There is one simple truth to starting your own business - you cannot go it alone. Identifying people to complement your passion and skills is a powerful way to accelerate your business growth.